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    What is FCRA Registration?

    • Stands for the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
    • Governs and regulates foreign contributions
    • Certificate issued by the Government Authority of India.
    • Mandatory to acquire or receive any foreign contribution or foreign grants.
    • Received by any registered trust, society, section 8 company, and NGOs.

    Types of FCRA Registration

    here are two types of FCRA Registration:

    • Proper FCRA Registration
    • Prior Permission FCRA Registration


    • The applicant must be registered under any of the following act:
    • Societies Registration Act, 1860
    • Indian Trust Act, 1882
    • Companies Act, 1956
    • Companies Act, 2013
    • Must be operating for a minimum period of 5 years.
    • In the last 3 financial years, spent a minimum of 10 Lakh rupees for the furtherance of its main objects excluding administrative expenditure.
    • Submit Statements of Income & Expenditure along with audit reports of the last 3 financial years.


    If you as a newly registered organization are willing to receive any kind of foreign contribution then apply for prior permission. At the time of making application must ensure:
    Foreign owner
    Funding is to be used for a specific purpose.
    Amount of foreign contribution

    Eligibility criteria for FCRA Registration:

    • Trust / Society / Section 8 Companies registered under their specific Act.
    • Charitable objectives for serving the society by promoting health, education, economic development, promotion of art, culture, religion, sports, etc
    • Entity not prohibited under any of the provision of the FCRA Act
    • Foreign contribution accepted shall not endanger the life or safety of any individual or shall not lead to any offense.

    Required documents:

    • Self-certified copy of incorporation certificate or trust deed of such entity.
    • PAN of NGO
    • Copy of MOA & AOA of NGO.
    • Signature of the chief functionary in JPG format.
    • Seal of Association
    • A detailed report on activities of the preceding three years.
    • Audited copy of the financial statement, Income-Expenditure details, receipt-payment, and cash flow statement of the preceding three years.
    • CTC of the resolution passed by a governing body authorized by NGO.
    • Certificate obtained under section 80G and 12A of Income Tax.
    • Duly signed approval/commitment letter from the foreign contributor (In case of Prior Permission FCRA Registration)

    Validity period:

    For Proper FCRA registration:
    5 years from the date of approval.
    After 5 years required to be renewed for receiving any further foreign contribution.
    For Prior Permission FCRA registration:
    Till the date, the foreign contribution is fully utilized for which the prior permission was granted.

    Furnish Return after FCRA Registration

    Every registered entity under FCRA is required to file a quarterly return and annual return.

    • Quarterly Return: File Intimation of Quarterly Receipt of Foreign Contribution by the associations within 15 days from the end of every quarter.
    • Annual Return: FC-4 is required to be filed within 9 months of the closing of every financial year.

    Time is taken for FCRA Registration: 4-6 months

    • Renewal of FCRA Registration
    • Submit application for renewal of FCRA Registration at least 6 months before the registration lapses.